Bath and Body Works Scented Soaps

Yes, I still shop at Bath and Body Works, and no, I am not in 7th grade.  If you haven't been into Bath and Body Works recently I encourage you to go and get their scented hand soaps!  The antibacterial foaming hand soaps are the only hand soaps I will buy simply because they smell amazing.  They have tons of different scents to choose from so I promise you will find some you like. My favorite is the Eucalyptus Mint pictured above.  They also have great scents for the seasons. I'm using Winter Cranberry now and love it.

They also seem to always have a promotion on these.  They cost $5 each, but now you can get 4 for $15, or 6 for $20- not bad!  Buy your soaps here:

Also, for $5 they sell these cute silver soap covers.  I like these to calm down the decor on the actual soap bottle. Covers can be found here:

*GREAT GIFT At $5 a piece, these soaps are awesome to put in gift baskets. Print Friendly and PDF

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