Boots, Boots, Boots

I LOVE BOOTS.  In my mind, a good boot collection is key to winter dressing.  Don't be afraid to invest in a couple key pairs. I think everyone should own a pair of tall black boots, brown riding boots, and one pair of booties.  Here are some of my favorites.

Vince Camuto Lanessa Grey Boot 
I love Vince Camuto boots. They are well made, comfortable and stylish. This boot is the perfect boot to add to your wardrobe because it gives you a shoe option when you're sick of wearing your black boots over and over again. I love the grey color because it's different and definitely catches your eye.  As a plus, these boots are really comfortable! I just got them and love the fit.  Buy them here: Vince Camuto Lanessa Boot

Nine West Vintage America Ditcha Boot
Looking to try combat boots but in a more feminine way? Try the Nine West Vintage America Ditcha boot.  These have a harder feel but still look nice.  I love this boot because you can wear them shorter by folding the flap over on top (as pictured above) or wear them unfolded to get a more combat style boot.  These boots are also very comfortable. I love these boots and get compliments all the time.  Buy them here: Nine West Vintage America "Ditcha" Lace up Bootie

Vince Camuto Beralta Black Boot
This pair of boots was my first boot purchase of the season. These boots are probably my favorite pair in my closet for two reasons:  1.) They are slim throughout the leg, they don't bulk up along your calves and lower legs and don't slouch at all.  2.) They are flat! When your feet need a break from heels these boots are perfect.  Buy them here: Vince Camuto Beralta Black Boot

Urban Outfitters Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boot
When I shop for booties, I usually recommend a black bootie with a taller stiletto like heel.  However, when I found these ankle boots on Urban Outfitters for only $50 I had to share.  These ankle boots are adorable and would go well with any color skinny jean.  The heel is wide so you can walk for days in these. This boot comes in multiple colors, I like the black and red options.  Buy them here: Urban Outfitters Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boot

Urban Outfitters BDG Tall Suede Riding Boot
Every woman needs a pair of brown riding boots.  For the budget conscious shopper this is a great pair to start with.  For only $59 you really can't go wrong here.  Plus, this boot is flat so for the ladies on their feet all day this is a great choice. Buy them here: Urban Outfitters BDG Tall Suede Riding Boot

Ralph Lauren Calvina Vachetta Buckle Boot
Ralph Lauren makes timeless, classic looking boots. I love the Calvina Vachetta Buckle Boot.  This boot will never go out of style and the rich chocolate color is perfect for the fall and winter months.  Buy the boot here: Ralph Lauren Calvina Vachetta Buckle Boot

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