Cartier Love Bracelet Look-alike

Share the love any time of year with a Cartier Love Bracelet look-alike.  This bracelet is great to wear as a small bangle with a combination of your favorite bracelets.  For only $16 this bracelet is a steal.  If gold isn't your color, it also comes in silver.  I wear this bracelet daily and absolutely love it! Get the bracelet here: Love Bracelet


  1. how long to ship over singaPORE

  2. Have you noticed that any of the gold color/plating has rubbed off? I'm all for fun and inexpensive jewelry but don't want to buy any more that looks cheap after a few wears. Thanks!

    1. I wear this everyday and have only noticed a bit of tarnishing. I've had it for 8 months so it's held up really well so far for me

  3. just came across your blog - so cute. and I have been in love with the cartier love bracelet for forever.... just ordered this immediately! can't wait to see how it looks in person!

  4. Linds! I ordered this bracelet -it cam so quickly! It's also holding up so well considering I wear it often!

    Love it and you!



  5. wow that is a bargain price!!! thank you for the info! :D
    big hugs <3

  6. Hey, I saw your blog on featured on Eat Yourself Skinny 's blog. I love this bracelet and I noticed that they have both a hinge version and one with a mini screwdriver. Which one did you get? They both have mixed reviews on Amazon but I feel like the hinge is more practical to take on and off. Although the real one is screwed and your supposed to wear it 24/7. Do you wear yours 24/7? (Showering, working out, doing dishes, etc?)

    Thanks and looking forward to following your blog!

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