DIY Christmas Stockings

It's the perfect time of year to make your own Holiday stockings.  They don't require too much fabric and can be completed in about one hour.  Follow my steps below to get your very own homemade stockings:)

1.) Draw a stocking pattern on paper or use a current stocking to trace the outline onto your fabric that you want the body of the stocking to be.  Make sure fabric is folded so it doubles when you cut.

2.) Trace the pattern on fabric that you want to use as a lining, I used red.  Once this is done you should have 4 cutouts total per stocking, all the same size.  2 for the body of the stocking, 2 for the lining of the stocking.  I was making 2 stockings (one green, one black and white) so don't let the image below fool you.

3.) Choose what fabric you want to use for accents.  I used a christmas tree print for the green stocking and a white dot print for the black and white stocking.  Cut two pieces of each so they are the same width of the stocking body.  You decide how long you want them.  If you want to add more than one contrasting fabric, this is where you can get creative. I decided to line each with a silver trim shown above. I cut out 4 pieces of the silver trim, 2 for each stocking.

4.) Now that your fabric is cut, it's time to sew.  Place the lining fabric aside, you won't need this until the end.  Take the fabric you chose as accent fabric and sew it to the stocking body. You will have to line the contrasting fabric up to where you want it to go on the stocking and pin it down before you sew.  Make sure to do each side of the stocking separately.  You want to treat each side like it is it's own piece.

5.) Be sure to sew all ends of the contrasting fabric down to the stocking body so that it doesn't hang loose.  Cut off edges of fabric that hang over the edge of the stocking body so you have a clean look.

6.) Once you have completed the outside, it is time to sew the lining on.  Make sure that any additional accents like initials are sewn on now. This will become much harder if you have to do it later!   To sew the lining, first start by lining up each piece with its corresponding lining piece.  Sew the top of the lining to the top of the stocking body.  That way the lining won't hang loose. You will have to do this twice, once to each side of the stocking.  After you have done that,  line up the stockings so they are inside out with the lining facing out.

7.) Pin the fabric so it holds in place.  Begin to sew along the outside of the pattern. Sew all around the stocking except not on the top- you don't want to sew the stocking shut!

8.) After you have sewn the perimeter of the stocking, flip it right-side out.  Cut all loose threads.  If you want your stocking to be able to hang, this is when you can sew a ribbon or extra piece of fabric on.  I used silver ribbon that I sewed into a loop by simply folding and sewing the ends together.  Once you have this, hand sew it into your stocking where you want it placed. All done!

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