Emi Jay Hair Ties

I love Emi Jay hair ties.  These are a must have in your beauty bag.  Unlike normal hair ties, these are stylish and don't crease your hair.  I can wear them to the gym for a full workout and after my hair has no creases!  As a bonus, they also look cute when you wear them around your wrist:) They come in a variety of colors, I like the pearl collection pictured above because they blend in with my blond hair.  Everyone should make the switch to Emi Jays now! For $12 you can get 5 hair ties.

To Support Emi Jay, Buy them here:

For the budget friendly, buy them on ebay for a fraction of the cost.  I've bought the real Emi Jay's and also knock offs from the ebay seller below.  I didn't notice any difference between the real and knock off. On ebay you can get deals like 15 hair ties for $10.

*GREAT GIFT: Everyone needs hair ties, tie these on to a gift for a stylish finishing touch. Print Friendly and PDF

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