Foundation for Oily Skin: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation

Let's cut to the chase here- the RIGHT foundation is everything.  Foundation can make or break your makeup application.  If you're using the right foundation it blends well with your skin tone, covers up blemishes, and serves as the foundation (pun intended) of your makeup application.  If you don't have the right foundation disaster has struck, your neck is a different color than your face, your makeup may look cakey and let's face it, those zits are out to play.
Finding the best foundation for your skin is an ongoing process but is 100% necessary.  There will always be new foundations with different benefits but as long as your foundation does the below 3 things for you, you should be looking good.

Foundation Rules:
1.) Foundation MUST match your skin coloring.  If you don't know your shade, go to a makeup counter, to a cosmetic store like Sephora or somewhere you can get matched. The beauticians at these places are there to help you- ask them to tell you what your color is so you don't have to play the guessing game! Make sure to get matched once during the summer and once during the winter.  Also, remember your shades so if you decide to try a new foundation you know what color to buy.

2.) Foundation should not be too heavy or thick.  If your face feels trapped by your foundation that's a good sign the foundation you are using is too heavy. People need different amounts of coverage, "lightweight" foundation may sound nice but if you need more coverage this is not for you. Make sure you find a balance between getting the coverage you need and letting your skin breath.

3.) Foundation benefits must cater to your current skincare needs.  Example: my skin tends to get oily throughout the day so I make sure to use foundation that is Oil-free.  If you are acne prone find one that helps fight acne.  If you are worried about aging skin use one that has anti aging benefits.

What I have found works for me is Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation.  The coverage never looks thick and the foundation stays on throughout my 10 hour work day.  If you have oily skin or need a foundation to last a full day I recommend trying this brand.  You can buy it here: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation.

One last thing: Don;t be afraid to spend a little more on your foundation if necessary. The important thing here is finding the right foundation for YOU, whether it is $5 or $45. Print Friendly and PDF

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