Last Minute Gift Guide: White Elephant/ Other

If know you me, you know I have an addiction. It is called Summer Heights High. This HBO Mini series is absolutely hilarious.  I mean it. Pee your pants funny.  Also inappropriate so take that into consideration when gifting it:) $10 on Amazon.

Need a White Elephant?....Check!  Please get this fast food holder for the McDonald's Junkie you know. Ha Ha Haaa.! $14 from Amazon
Fast Food Holder for Car

If there is someone you hate that you need to give a gift to, give them a Furby. Looking at this thing makes me crack up because years ago someone gave me a Furby and I literally could not get it to shut up.  This is the perfect gift for your impatient friends.

Know someone who still isn't over the election?  Yeah, I do too.  Give them presidential toilet paper help them get over it!
Romney Toilet Paper
Obama Toilet Paper

This book is back making a second appearance because it's that good. I just ordered myself a second copy.  And it's under $10.

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  1. Yay! I love discovering other Wisconsin bloggers :) Love this round up :)