NaNa Asian Fusion & Sushi Bar

I'm going to start off by saying if NaNa in Shorewood had a loyalty program I would be a platinum member.  This sushi is by far my favorite in Milwaukee.  I have to warn you that my perception is slightly biased because I order the same thing every time, the Spicy Maki combo.  I want to try new things but I can't move away from ordering the Spicy Maki combo because it's so good!  The spicy maki combo consists of three rolls: a spicy salmon roll, a spicy tuna roll and a spicy yellow tail roll. All for only $16.  You also get soup and salad with that, great deal!  I absolutely love the spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls. The yellow tail is good but the other two are better.  In a way, NaNa has ruined sushi for me because no other spicy tuna or spicy salmon rolls compare.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice but we usually get this for takeout. Now go and see for yourself, try NaNa.

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