Stir Fry

I. Love. Stir Fry. This is my one go to meal, I would eat this every night if I could! Its quick, easy to prepare, and always tastes amazing. Not to mention you are getting tons of protein and fiber on your plate.  This never gets old because you can switch up the vegetables and meat you are using and also the grain you serve it over. This is a GREAT recipe to try with QUINOA. I’m sure a lot of you heave heard about this super food but don’t know what to cook it with. Use it as a rice substitute here for an easy way to incorporate it into your diet.  (I understand this picture isn't the most appetizing, but trust me- it tastes good!)

Trader Joes Original Soyaki Sauce, Brown Rice OR Quinoa (No white rice allowed), 1 chicken breast, vegetables-you can use whatever vegetables you want, I usually use mushrooms, onion, red or yellow bell peppers, edamame beans (I buy the frozen pack and put about ¼ cup into the mix), and broccoli.

Cook Rice or Quinoa according to packaged directions.  Slice all veggies to desired size. Slice Chicken and cook in a medium frying pan with 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil over medium heat.  Take a large frying pan, drizzle mushrooms and onions with olive oil and cook over medium high heat for 4 minutes. Turn heat down to medium and all the rest of the vegetables. Cook until the vegetables are done, about 5 more minutes.  Once both chicken and vegetables are ready, add the chicken to the large frying pan with the vegetables. Turn heat down to low. Pour desired amount of Soyaki sauce over chicken and vegetables. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.  After that, add rice or quinoa to the pan and stir until blended.  Serve immediately after.

Serves 2, but can be easily doubled
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