Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis

If you are looking for a fitness DVD that will really change your body, this is the one.  Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson is a fitness guru and takes a new approach to looking fit- I promise, you have never seen these fitness moves before. Tracy has many fitness DVD's available for purchase but I strongly recommend getting her Metamorphosis series.  The Metamorphosis series is 4 discs complete with 1 30 minute dance cardio routine and 9 different 30 minute strength routines. The direction is to do the dance cardio work out and one strength workout 6 days a week. This program is intense, but also only as intense as you make it. I could never keep up doing it 6 days a week but if you do it consistently a few times a week you will see results.   To make this program even more effective, there are 4 different versions of the Metamorphosis series you can choose from to target your problem area. You can choose from: Abcentric, Hipcentric, Glutecentric, and Omnicentric.  Dont know which one you should order? Take the body type quiz by clicking the link below.   This fitness series is $90, definitely on the pricier side but let's face the facts- you are getting 10 different workouts that really work.

*Note: The series also comes with an eating plan, but I do not recommend following that, as it is too unrealistic.

Buy Metamorphosis here:
Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis

Take the Body Type Test Here:
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