Chia Seeds

One of my New Year's resolutions is to have Chia seeds once a day. Chia seeds are a godsend, in just 1 tablespoon they have 6 grams of fiber and tons of healthy Omega-3's. I could go on and on about the benefits of Chai seeds, but I won't bore you by listing all of them (i'll let you google that).

I will however, name a few ways Chia Seeds can help you; consuming just 1 tablespoon a day helps with weight loss, digestive regularity, and boosts brain power.   All of those benefits for an easy addition to your daily routine should be a no-brainer.  I was introduced to Chai Seeds over the summer by my (basically) sister in law and am thrilled I can pass the info onto you.

There are many ways to eat Chai Seeds.  If you let them sit in liquid for about 15 minutes, they absorb the liquid and expand into small jello like balls. You can then eat them with a spoon.  I choose to mix them in a small amount of juice and drink right away, before they expand. You can also sprinkle them in yogurt, cereal or over salads. However you want to eat them is up to you.

Chai seeds can be used in baking as well. I am in the process of discovring recipes using chia seeds and will share with you later!

Do your body a favor and implement Chia Seeds into your diet. Cheers to a healthy new year:) Print Friendly and PDF

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