DIY Lamp Makeover

Lamps are the perfect way to brighten up (literally) any room. Like everything else, lamps can get expensive. To avoid unnecessary spending, go to a thrift store and get a lamp for under $10.  Or, you can do what I did and grab a few abandoned lamps from your parents basement :)

Supplies you will need:
-Acrylic or spray paint in your color(s) of choice
-Stencils if you want to make prints on the shades like I did.  I used Martha Stewart Stencils . You can find these online at the link provided or at any Michaels craft store

Separate the lamp shade and the base.  Paint the base any color you want.  If you are hand painting with acrylic paint, you will need to do about 3 coats.  If you are spray painting, 1-2 coats should be enough.

For painting the shade, I recommend getting a lamp with a light or neutral shade so you don't have to paint a solid coat over the entire shade. This saves time, paint, and also makes sure the paint doesn't block any light the lamp gives off. I painted both shades and although I don't regret it, the amount of light the lamps give off is significantly less! Something to think about..

Pick out what stencil design you want to use. If you are not using stencils, you can paint simple stripes, dots, or anything else you can do free hand.  If you are using the stencils, line the stencil up where you want the print to start. Make sure to use a light coat of paint so that it doesn't clump up under the stencil and bleed onto areas that are supposed to be bare.  Rotate the shade as necessary to make sure you get all sides.

Wait for the paint to dry, and then reassemble the lamps.

Happy Crafting!

This was what my lamps looked like before
Make sure to remove the lamp shades while painting them
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