Flat Irons

When it comes to hair, having the right tools makes all the difference. This is not the place you want to go cheap, that $19 Walgreen's straighter may look appealing, but in reality you're much better off spending that $19 on a cheesecake. Don't waste that $19. Having the right flat iron is like wearing the right size bra, it is a MUST. With just one tool, I straighten, curl, and put waves in my hair.  Believe me when I say that investing in a good flat iron is an investment you need to make.  Below are 2 flat irons that I've tested. They are both good options and worth the money.

FHI Flat Iron
The FHI Flat Iron is the one I currently use.  I'm satisfied with it and love that it heats up so quickly.  The barrel is easy to maneuver and the plate edges are round which minimizes creases. Another nice feature on the FHI iron is that it has an adjustable temperature dial so you can control how hot it gets.  As an added bonus, it comes with a case and a heat resistant mat to place the hot iron on so you wont ruin any tables:) You can buy the FHI Flat Iron for $147 here: Purchase a FHI Flat Iron Here

Chi Flat Iron
The Chi Flat Iron was my first straighter, this is how I learned to maneuver my hair into flawless curls.  This is a great starter flat iron. I recommend the ceramic version to minimize damage to your hair.  This straighter doesn't come with the ability to adjust the temperature, but the heat gets hot enough to curl your hair so it lasts. This brand is extremely durable, I had my Chi for 4 years (dropped it probably 100 times) and never had a problem with it.  You can find these at target or buy them online here for $139 Purchase a Chi Flat Iron Here
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