Looking for a place to sit down for a glass of wine and share a few small plates? Try Swig.  Swig is one of my go-to places when I’m going out with a girlfriend. I like it because it’s just around the corner in the third ward and they have a handful of delicious small plates, sandwiches and salads.  The atmosphere is dimly lit and low key.  I must warn you though, that I do not recommend going for the entrees. I've been 0 for 2 in the entrees that I've ordered and can’t say that I would gamble my money and try another. 

What's good: These are the small plates I've tried and enjoyed. 

- Asiago Spinach & Artichoke Dip: Need I say more? This dish lives up to the expectations. A perfect option to start with.

-Breaded Three Cheese Ravioli: I’m a sucker for ravioli.  I really enjoyed the breading around the ravioli and didn't find that it was too much.  You only get a few pieces so you won’t overindulge here.

-Organic Baby Greens Salad: I ordered this salad for lunch and left perfectly satisfied. The fresh greens and citrus are an enjoyable combo.

-Tomato and Feta Salad: Simple and appetizing.

What's not so good: These are the 2 entrees that I've gotten, both were not my favorite and I would not recommend either.

-Grilled Salmon: I was excited to try Swig’s salmon because I loved everything else I’d eaten there. Unfortunately, it didn't deliver. The piece of salmon was tiny and unappealing. The fish was served over mushroom risotto that was entirely too salty.  Don’t bother with this dish.

-Baked Stuffed Chicken: Like the Salmon, this dish was also very salty. You could tell this was made ahead of time because it didn't taste fresh.  I understand prep work needs to be done in advance but this tasted like it had been sitting in the freezer for awhile. Not my favorite.

For the full menu, click here: Swig Milwaukee
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