If you’re looking for a quick dinner with a small group of friends, or some great takeout I recommend Thai-Namite. I had the pleasure of going to Thai-Namite with my boyfriend for a quick weeknight meal.  The environment is calm, and the service is quick.  The decor isn't spectacular but that isn't always necessary.  The price was affordable and the food was delightful.

I had heard that the sushi was delicious so we ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll as a starter. The roll was fresh, had just the right amount of fish, and the spicy sauce was not overpowering.  This roll did have a bit more of a kick to it than your typical spicy tuna roll, but I loved it!

For our entrees, I ordered the Volcano Chicken and Eric ordered the Pad Thai.  From the description, Volcano Chicken isn't something I would typically order, but it came highly recommended so I decided I had to give it a try.  This dish was very good, but the portion was huge, could have been shared between 2 people.  The dish consists of fried chicken breast served over cabbage and other steamed vegetables with a light brown sauce that has a sweet and garlicky taste.  The crunch of the chicken and the vegetables was a perfect combo over rice. I have been warned that this dish is spicy, but at Thai-Namite I didn't think it was very spicy at all. I would definitely recommend giving this dish a try.

Eric ordered the Pad Thai which was also very good, probably one of the best Pad Thai dishes I've tasted.  The balance of sweet and sour with a hint of peanut in the sauce was perfect.  What makes this dish unique is that they serve it wrapped in an egg.  Don’t be turned off by the egg, it doesn't overpower the dish.  Again, another big portion that could have been shared.

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