Eat your Vitamins :)

Good morning everyone! With February being National Heart Month I had to stock up on all of my vitamins and supplements.  As pathetic as it sounds, I'll only take vitamins if they are in gummy form:) I really hate taking the horse tranquilizer size pill vitamins in the morning, so I substitute with the easy chewable gummies:) I take a probiotic, a Multivitamin and a B Complex.  If you only want to take one, go with the Multivitamin.  However, the probiotic gummies are an easy way to get the healthy bacteria you need.  If you don't eat yogurt regularly than you should really consider a Probiotic supplement.

Why I eat my vitamins:

Probiotics: Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help maintain the balance of organisms in our intestines.   Probiotics reduce the negative bacteria in our bodies and promote a healthy digestive system.  I bought these  Probiotic Gummies from Amazon for only $12.14.

Multivitamins: Multivitamins are dietary supplements containing recommended daily values of several important nutrients that help keep our bodies healthy.  You've heard it before from your mom, your doctor, your grandmother; you should take a daily multivitamin.  Multivitamins help prevent nutrient deficiencies that can add up over time.  They give us essential vitamins that we don't get enough of from our diets such as Vitamin D, and also things like calcium and potassium.  Getting your vitamins through food is preferred, but taking a multivitamin on top of eating healthily is beneficial to fill in your nutrient deficiencies. I buy these Gummy Multivitamins  from Amazon for only $9.59.

B-Complex: The last vitamin I take daily is a B-Complex. B-Complex supplements combine several B vitamins including; B6, B12, B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic acid) and Biotin.  B vitamins are natural energy producers.  They are also known to ease stress, reduce heart disease risk, and aid immune function. I bought this 3 pack of  B Complex Gummy Vitamins from Amazon (70 gummies per pack) for $11.97.

If you don't take any vitamins already you should start now! As I mentioned earlier, it's important to try and get your vitamins through a healthy diet, but supplementing on top of that will ensure your body gets the daily nutrients it needs.

Do you take your vitamins?  If you take any not mentioned above, please share!

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  1. I take a zinc supplement too for my skin. Ever since i started taking 30 mg's a a day no breakouts!

  2. I take vitamins for my diet and health. Vitamins can give us younger looking skin.

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