Valentines Day Gift Guide

Fellas, let's cut to the chase on what to get your lady for Valentine's Day. This is what we want (and expect) Flowers, Chocolate (find a way to combine the two and you're golden) and a nice dinner. Depending on how special you want to make this Valentine's Day, something sparkly (jewelry) is also appreciated.  This is not the time to get your girlfriend that bike she's been talking about forever or the shoes she just can't live without. This is the time to gift something meaningful and feminine.  *Note, she will be talking about this with her co-workers so the more thoughtful the better!

Flower Guide:
Breaking this down for you in 3 tiers....(with a visual...)

Tier 1: You have been on less than 10 dates and don't say the L word. Give flowers that are shades of yellow, orange, white, and green.  In the image above, this is the top row.

Tier 2:  Dating 3-9 months. Give flowers that are pinks, purples, and whites. In the above image, these are the flowers in the middle row.

Tier 3: Dating over a year. Reds and golds are the colors of true love. Give arrangements that look like the bottom row.  If you're married, giving an arrangement of your wedding flower is a cute and thoughtful idea.

Fine note: Please don't give carnations, unless you are in 6th grade.

Surprising your lady at work is clever. Send the flowers to her at work or have cupcakes (red velvet) delivered to her to share with her coworkers.

*Last, but not least- don't forget the card!! The words are what counts. If you're in a "Tier 1" relationship, a few words only- nothing too serious.  For the rest of you, this is the time to show your romantic side. Let your lady know you care!  Make your own card or get one that is short and sweet. If you buy a card you are not excused from writing a personal message on the inside.

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