If you haven't made a trip to Honeypie now is the time to go! Eric and I enjoyed our first meal at Honey Pie last week and were so impressed.  The locally sourced food is absolutely delicious.  The environment is warm and inviting with a calm energy, just what you want for a relaxing but fun dinner.

If you aren't drooling yet from looking at these pictures, prepare to salivate. These are the things we tried:
-Chicken breast entrée: What's great about Honeypie is that they have a list of entrees that are constantly rotating, so every time you go you'll have different entree options to choose from.  I went with the chicken breast entree, and am so happy I did!  The chicken breast was served over chive mashed potatoes surrounded with a homemade broth.  The chicken was moist, tender and flavorful.  I wish I could have this for dinner every night. I would 100% recommend ordering the chicken breast.
-Macaroni and Cheese: I heard from a few people that the Macaroni was amazing.  I had to try it but didn't want it as my entrée, so naturally Eric and I get it as an appetizer. If you go to Honeypie, it would be wrong if I didn't tell you to try the Mac and Cheese! It's a knockout.  A mix of 2 cheeses, topped with breadcrumbs, parmesan and bacon. Yes, bacon.
-Porkslaw BBQ Sandwich: A house favorite we had to try. The sandwich was beautifully crafted, the texture of the meat was perfect and the coleslaw was amazing but I have to say this was not our favorite.  I think it lacked flavor. We were expecting a little more BBQ taste that just wasn't there.  However the fries, were perfection. Not a bad sandwich, but not my first recommendation.
-Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Pie: I mean,... need I say more? You can't leave Honeypie without trying the pie!! We were too stuffed to eat it at the restaurant but we brought a piece home.  To die for.  It was almost torture leaving a bite for Eric to try :)

Overall, everyone in the milwaukee area should dine at Honeypie.  The food was worth the visit and the environment is equally pleasing. Eric and I went for dinner but I've heard the brunch is fantastic. I'll definitely be trying that soon! Print Friendly and PDF

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