Stackable Wine Glasses

Okay so in all honesty, another wine glass is probably the last thing I need. BUT I saw these stackable acrylic wine glasses and just couldn't pass them up!  Whoever invented these has to be a borderline kitchen supply hoarder like myself.  How can you turn down wine glasses that can be stacked and stored away with ease? I mean really, if I shove them in a cupboard where they don’t fit who cares, because they are acrylic so won’t break when they drop J I love these glasses to use for summer parties outside or for a fun get together with friends. Totally cute and amazingly affordable. Can’t wait to purchase mine! You can buy the cups at the links below.  Only $18 for a set of 4, but only $13.50 for a set of 4 when you enter the promo code GOODWILLM13 
Set of 4 Stackable Wine Glasses in AQUA
Set of 4 Stackable Wine Glasses in LIME

Also, because this is one of the best ideas for gabby ladies who like to talk, eat, and drink simultaneously, you can buy plastic plates to match the glasses that hold your food AND wine at the same time. Genius.  Also, only $6!
Buy the Party Plates Here
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