Tone It Up!

I first heard of Tone It Up a little over a year ago.  The fitness duo is known for helping women look and feel their best by sharing a wealth of healthy recipes and exercise moves.  From a member-exclusive nutrition plan, to hundreds of fitness clips on YouTube, Tone It Up has everything you need to get healthy!

After a few weeks of research I finally caved and signed up to be a Tone It Up member. Instantly I got access to amazing recipes, nutrition tips, and workout routines.  Last year the week before a spring vacation, my boyfriend and I went on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan for a week and after that both felt amazing.  Although I don't follow the nutrition plan to a T, I still incorporate many of the recipes, such as the Protein Pancakes, into my everyday diet. Personally, I love Tone It Up because they offer advice on how to make lifestyle changes that are easy to maintain. They even give you guides for healthy holiday eating and have nutrition plans for vegetarians and vegans.

If you're looking to get healthy in a healthy way, I would 100% recommend becoming a Tone It Up member.  Once you sign up you become a lifetime member and continue to get all the updates and new editions to the nutrition plan. At the very least, you should check out the Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD for a fitness DVD including 6 exercises for fine toning.

The fun, inspiring, California based pair is definitely on the rise.  Recently they have partnered with Self Magazine for another Drop 10 Challenge  More on that to come this week!
For more information on Tone It Up, Click here: Tone It Up Print Friendly and PDF

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