Mother's Day Gift Ideas under $50

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away and it's time to start planning your gift! In my opinion, Hallmark Holidays are always the hardest to prep for but I've made it a little easier for you this year:)  I've pulled together a few adorable Mother's Day gifts that Mom is sure to love.  Don't worry if you don't have a lot to spend, all of these gifts are under $50 (she'll never know)!

Top Row
Clairebella Monogram Mug, $24  Perfect if your Mom is a coffee or tea drinker. All monograms are available

C Wonder Monogram Stationary Card Set, $10 Super cute for only $10! All monograms available
C Wonder Monogram Wine Stopper, $22 Elegant and personalized, but most importantly practical:) 
Clairebella Personalized Notepads, $24 Fact: Moms make lists. At least now her list will be stylish.

Middle Row
Anthropologie Crystalline Hair Ties, $24 One of my favorites! A special twist to an everyday essential.
C Wonder Heart Shaped Cheese Board, $28 Your mom will know you love her if you give her this heart shaped cheese board!
Anthropologie Spring Garden Infinity Scarf, $48 This floral print is perfect for spring. The infinity style makes it fool proof so every Mom can enjoy!
Scentsy We all know how much I adore Scentsy's! I promise your mom will too:) Give it to her with a few of her favorite scents.

Bottom Row
J. Crew Bubble Necklace Look Alike $15 Personalize this necklace by picking her favorite color.
Cartier Love Bracelet Look Alike, $20  A classic. This bracelet is one of the most sought after pieces of jewelry- give Mom hers for only $20!
C Wonder Teardrop Earrings, $48 I'm crazy about the easy elegance of these earrings. The style is perfect for all ages.
J. Crew Venus Flytrap Necklace, $20 Another classic jewelry piece your mom should own. If she likes a sparkle, this one is for her!

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  1. how great is C Wonder? They have a store here and I am OBSESSED!!!