Odd Duck

Okay, so I'd been waiting to try Odd Duck for months and when my girlfriend announced she was coming into town I knew it was the perfect time to make the reservation.  If you live in the Milwaukee area you've got to try Odd Duck!  It's known for it's tapas style dining and ever changing menu.  I think the best part about Odd Duck is that when I left there were still about 10 things on the menu that I wanted to try. I'll definitely be going back soon.

I dinned with two of my girlfriends and this is what we tried:
-Feta and herb stuffed baby bell peppers, a perfect dish to start with. Creamy and satisfying these made everyone excited for the food ahead.
-Hook's 5 year aged cheddar plate, Self explanatory, aged cheddar=delicious. Not to mention the apricot spread that completed the dish...
-Maple and mustard dressed Kale salad, this was my personal favorite! I am a big fan of kale not only for it's nutritional benefits but because I love discovering new ways to serve it.  The salad was warmed and served over a whipped cheese spread. I never would have thought of that pairing, but like everything else it was delightful.
-Beef tenderloin this was served in a dark sauce and cooked to perfection. A nice dish to get if you are eating with men. 
-Mahi Mahi, served over warm Brussels sprouts. I really enjoyed this one but make sure to request the fish cooked to your liking.
-Tamales: these were on the house which leads me to my next point, be sure to make a reservation!! We were seated 30 minutes after our reservation so make sure to call ahead of time!

Definitely go to Odd Duck if you're looking for good eats in Milwaukee:)

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