Body Pump

Ladies, listen up! Trying to lose weight or tone up but not getting results? Try lifting weights. I see so many girls at the gym waste hours of their time on cardio machines. Not that cardio isn't important, but if you don’t incorporate strength training into your routine you’ll eventually hit a plateau. Strength training is essential to getting and staying in shape.

For some reason women are afraid of weight lifting. I agree that a weight room filled with beefy sweaty men is intimidating, and that’s why I encourage you to try Body Pump.  Body Pump is a class offered at most gyms that consists of an hour long weight lifting session.  Pump is perfect for a woman’s body because it emphasizes low weight and high repetitions. Each track is about 5 minutes long and focuses on different parts of your body. Dedicating songs to almost every muscle group including back, legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, butt and chest, Body Pump is definitely a full body workout! 

I've attended Body Pump classes for over a year now and find it’s the best way to keep my muscles toned and strong. Pump won’t make you bulky because as mentioned before it focuses on low weight and high repetitions.  If your gym offers Body Pump or similar strength training classes, sign up now! After a few weeks you should begin to see a change in your body and fell stronger overall. Now who wouldn't want that?! 

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