Cross Training Shoes

If you're an exercise junkie (or wannabe) you'll appreciate this post. I recently replaced my gym shoes and couldn't be happier.  It’s smart to replace gym shoes once every 100 hours or at least once a year to protect your feet.  The shoes featured in this post are the New Balance 813 model.  I wear these shoes for cross training purposes, such as cardio machines and exercise classes.

Here’s why I recommend these shoes:
-They are lightweight. If you don’t own lightweight exercise shoes by now you’re probably still wearing your sambas from 5th grade. Make the switch to lightweight, especially for workouts.
-They have great cushioning.  Sometimes lightweight shoes lack in cushioning and support, not these! It feels like there is memory foam in the soles of the shoe, so nice.
-They give good support. I have a high arch so this is important for me!
-They mold to your feet easily. I haven’t had any issues with blistering or discomfort and was able to wear them for my workouts right away without breaking them in.
-They are good looking shoes. For everyone at the gym who has asked me where I got my shoes, this is where... Buy them here
-They are a great value, $79.99.  It's hard to find a quality pair of workout shoes under $100, these are a steal!

If you’re in the market for a new pair of cross training shoes I definitely recommend the New Balance 813. I got them in the grey with teal and lime combo but they come in three different color options so I’m sure you’ll find a pair that suits you.


  1. These sound great! I just purchased a new pair of shoes after being fitted. It was interesting to learn about my gait and which shoes are best for me. I'm like you and need a lot of arch support and cushioning. I do need to get another pair for the gym so I don't wear out my running shoes to fast, might have to try these!

    1. They're super comfortable/affordable! I highly recommend:) xx