My Sister's Bachelorette Weekend!

 My sister Stephanie is getting married this summer and over the weekend we celebrated her Bachelorette party!  We celebrated in Chicago and started the festivities Friday night with a dinner at RPM Italian.  Stephanie is Guiliana Rancic's #1 fan so of course we had to go to her restaurant!  My lovely mother and stylin Grandma joined me, Steph and one of Steph's friends for the kickoff dinner.  The food was delicious (especially Momma DePandi's pasta), and of course we ordered a few G Rizzles- Guiliana's Signature drink, yum!  We loved RPM, it was a perfect way to start the weekend:)

Saturday morning a dear family friend threw Stephanie her dream bridal shower- a Lilly Pulitzer themed luncheon!  My sister would bathe in Lilly pulitzer if she could so having this Lilly shower was a dream come true.  The shower was beautiful, filled with pink and green decor and even personalized  lilly themed bridal M&M's!  

After the shower we headed back into the city to start the evening festivities.  Diamond ring shot glasses, pearl necklaces, and martini glass garland is a (PG) glimpse of what the first few hours looked like. We played plenty of bridal games such as How Well do you Know the Bride, and How Well does the Bride Know the Groom.  Laughs and tears filled the hotel room as we reminisced about the Bride's past with all of her friend's and fiance. 

Next we headed out for a fabulous dinner complete with personalized bridal menus.  After that a trolley picked us up and drove us around the city for hours.  The weekend was a blast!  The time spent with long time friends and family created moments Steph will cherish forever.  

Now I can breathe a little, as my job as party planner/personal wardrobe stylist/makeup artist/ hair dresser is over (at least until the wedding)! Cheers to my amazing sister and beautiful Bride to be!
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