Maxi Love

If you don't know by now, I'm obsessed with maxi dresses. And you should be too!  The ease of having a glamourous and comfortable outfit all in one piece is what I can't get enough of.  Maxi dresses are all over the market now-I've seen them for all ages, sizes, and taste levels.  In stores now truly is a maxi for everyone. What I'm especially loving are these Lush maxi dresses from Nordstrom.  The dress is the same silhouette as the "Must Have Black Maxi" that I posted about before. I own the dress in solid black, it's my go to summer dress. But now I'll have to think about which one of these awesome printed options to order! For only $52 I've gotta get at least one, right?  Think about it, a whole outfit for only $52, not bad! Which one is your fav? For links to these dresses, see below! Happy shopping

Like the turquoise print? Click here to check it out or buy the dress
Are you a sucker for Black and White prints? Get the second look here
Is the Colorful Chevron print calling your name? Click here!
My personal favorite! Buy the Black and White print here Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Found you over at EYS and loveeee your blog! It's like a mix of everything I love myself. Can't wait to bookmark your site & keep following along!

  2. So Glad you found me:) I'll be checking out your blog soon:)