My Sister's Wedding!

At the end of June my beautiful sister married the man of her dreams.  If there is such a thing as perfect, her wedding day was just that.  I've put together a few pictures for you to get a glimpse of the day.  We got our hair done at Neroli in the Third Ward. Makeup (and spray tan) was done at Blush (my favorite) also in the third ward.  And these beautiful photos are courtesy of Leo and Jenny photography.  All of the services were spectacular. If you're having a Milwaukee wedding I'd highly recommend them!

Her shoes were amazing, Kate Spade of course, complete with sparkles and bows.   For "something blue" we sewed a family St. Christopher charm into her dress, meaningful and elegant.  I had to show you the tote bags that a family friend made for us.  She got the women in my family the bags from lands end and had the wedding date put on them. What a cute idea, right?! We used these bags all day, they really came in handy.  If you're trying to think of fun gifts to give your bridesmaids these bags are perfect!

Here's a peak of what the service looked like.  My sister is a diehard Lilly Pulitzer fan so naturally we had green bridesmaids dresses and bouquets of pink peonies.  Pink and Green all the way!  

At the reception peonies, candles and good vibes filled the room.  If you look closely, you'll see that the cookies were hand painted by the grooms aunt with their new monogram, gorgeous!

Guess who caught the bouquet--?!?! THIS GIRL:)  Is anyone surprised? I guess it was a little rigged but hey, I'll take it. Watch out Eric ;)

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  1. I really cannot get over her shoes, they are FABULOUS.

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