DIY Yarn Wrapped Mason Jars

Since Eric and I have moved into our new place my life has been filled with DIY projects in an effort to decorate on a budget:)  One of my newest experiments were these yarn wrapped vases.  I saw these when I was in New York and couldn't wait to try it myself.  This craft is as easy as it sounds- all you do is wrap yarn around mason jars or vases. I tied small knots on the back of the jars once I wanted to switch to a new color.  I went to the craft store and bought colorful fake flowers to match the yarn.  I love the pop of color the neon adds to our place. Here is what you need: Jars or vases, yarn- as many colors as you want, and flowers.

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  1. love this, they look GORGEOUS!! cant wait to give it a go! Would be great if you would share any other DIY decorating projects uve been up to as i LOVE this!! :)