Statement Necklaces Under $15

My favorite way to add style to any outfit is with a great necklace.  We're so lucky this trend has caught on because now there are hundreds of stylish necklaces available for great prices. Here are 3 more that wouldn't hurt to add to your wardrobe.  Each necklace can be worn with solid pieces, whether it's a dress, tee, blazer, sweater, it doesn't matter:) These finds will compliment all styles.
*GIFTING: Moms, uncles, boyfriends, etc. These are great gifting items! The women in your life will love them and you don't have to pay more than $15.  Perfect for stocking stuffers and hostess gifts too.  You can buy the necklaces at the links below. All are from H&M so if you have a store nearby and prefer shopping in store go for it!

$12.95 Obsession

Last weekend I went shopping and in typical fashion I found a perfect little sweater for a perfect little price.  Where to find this steal? H&M, of course.  Lightweight, oversized, flattering, check check check. I loved it so much that I had to buy it in 4 colors. I know, that's a bit much but come on, it's $12.95! They don't offer all of the colors online so if you're looking for red, emerald or brown you'll have to get it in stores, but if you're down with the neutrals then you can purchase it here

Get Active- New Exercise gear

I thought it was time to update my workout wardrobe so I did a little digging and settled on these versatile pieces.  All are under $50 and both cute and functional.  Now hopefully the new clothes will get me to the gym more:)

Jessica Simpson Heart Top  only $15.99!!

Mediterranean Plate

Low calorie, easy to prep, gluten free and no cooking involved- are you interested yet? Next time you’re off to a get together and asked to bring a dish think about taking a Mediterranean platter.  When I make mine I use Hummus, Feta Cheese, canned artichoke hearts (drained), grape tomatoes, kalamata olives and green olives.  All you need to do is arrange the ingredients on a platter or dish- voila!  All of the ingredients are perfect to munch on their own or you can serve with warm pita or crackers. Enjoy!