Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

For most of us finding a gift for your guy means walking on unfamiliar territory.  Men have it easy, getting a girl jewelry, shoes or clothing never fails but what's that go to gift for guys? Sadly, I don't think there is one.  It takes a little effort to find that perfect gift for your man, so I've rounded up a few gifts I think all guys want.  To purchase any of the gifts mentioned simply click on the links and it will take you to the purchase site. 

Breaking Bad was one of the most talked about shows this year.  Gift this series to your man and you get a gift too when you watch it together:)

Most guys like tech stuff and Apple TV is one of the hottest gifts for 2013. To me that's a done deal!  Impress your man with this perfect present for under $100

I don't know who we owe it to, but patterned socks are making there way into a mans wardrobe quickly.  I love the options express has. The socks are under $10 a pair, perfect for stocking stuffers or to top a gift with.

For the music junkie Momentum headphones are where it's at.  Nothing lets you zone out and enjoy music like these! A hefty price tag but worth it for the quality.

If New Year's resolutions are right around the corner for your significant other a Fitbit is the way to go. Help them track their activity and calorie intake with a Fitbit flex for a jumpstart on their resolution.

I'd have to say that the Jambox speakers are the most talked about gift for 2013.  These speakers are small in size but big in impact. Any home can benefit from these and you can personalize the speakers by choosing from one of several color options.

Netflix subscription is a great gift that you can give for only $8 a month!  Give your partner access to thousands of TV shows and movies for a year for under $100.  Definitely worth it if you rent at least one On Demand movie a month AND if you have Apple TV you can stream the Netflix shows right to your TV...perfect!

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