Holiday Gift Guide: White Elephant

White Elephant gifts are so much fun, but definitely tricky to find.  Finding a gift that’s cleaver, funny, appropriate and inappropriate at the same time is challenging to say the least!  Most White Elephant gift exchanges come with a price limit so I've put together a mix of several that I think do the job for under $30. Leave a comment below and share your White Elephant gift ideas :)

Obviously, the Wine Bra is my number 1.  For $30 you can gift a bra that holds wine inside, HA!  Don't worry, it comes with an attached straw so you can drink at your leisure.  This idea is hilarious and genius all in one. Perfect White elephant.

Time to let your inner 10 year old out to play because next on the list is a Tamogatchi Pet. This is a classic White Elephant and a childhood favorite. You can get them on amazon for $29

Polly the Insulting Parrot is my White Elephant purchase this year.  For only $15 you get Polly, the stuffed parrot that shouts and swears.  Funny at first but probably pretty annoying after a few minutes! Can’t wait to see who the lucky recipient is…

I seriously can’t believe there are still NOW albums coming out. Every time I look at this CD I crack up. For a flashback to the 90’s this is perfect. In case you were wondering, we’re up to NOW 48 ! Love this for $12.

If you've got a $10 limit or with a group you don’t know well lottery tickets are always a safe bet.  To spice things up, you can buy fake “winning” lottery tickets online. Mix in a few fake and real tickets to add the white elephant flare.

Sometimes we all feel like we run the world so why not show it? With the Queen of Effing Everything pillow you can flaunt it all you want.  This pillow is sure to bring a smile to the recipients face.  For $39 you can give a white elephant that hopefully won’t get re-gifted (or tossed in the trash)!

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