Holiday Lip Color

Here's what you need to know about Holiday lip color: bold is better! With skin not so sun tanned, a bold lip can really bring life to a paler complexion.  My favorite winter lip colors are all from Bobbi Brown. The Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color lipstick is my absolute favorite. It has a long lasting solution so the color sticks for the majority of the day. And, the formula is nice for sensitive skin.

So here are the 3 Bobbi Brown colors I think every woman should have for the Holidays: Cosmic Raspberry, Lilac, and Old Hollywood.

Cosmic Raspberry is my favorite. It's a bold pink color that pops on every skin tone.  I wear this shade all the time, it’s perfect if you want a stand out lip.  The shade is a bright hot pink but has blue undertones so your teeth look whiter. Who doesn’t love that?  If you’re searching for a statement lip color Cosmic Raspberry is it! When you wear this color, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup natural looking. I recommend light eye makeup (neutral colors only, not too much liner if any) so you don’t look like you’re wearing stage makeup.

Next on the list is Lilac. This is my winter “everyday” shade.  I love this color because it’s a great blend between natural pink and purple. Don’t let the purple tones scare you off- the purple undertones make the natural hue a little deeper, perfect for the season.  I find this shade is just enough color so that you notice you’re wearing it, but it’s subtle enough to blend in with the rest of your look.

Tis the season for bold red lips- this is where Old Hollywood comes in handy.  Finding the right red is tough because different shades compliment different skin tones. I’ve found this shade is pretty universal.  It’s lighter than a Bordeaux but doesn’t tint orange. If you dare to wear a red lip, give Old Hollywood a try. Like I mentioned before, when you have a bold lip color go easy on the eye makeup.

You can  Buy each lipstick here. Just make sure to select the appropriate shade before you checkout!