How to ask your Bridesmaids to be your Bridesmaids?

Over the Holidays I spent a lot of time with some of my favorite people, including my now confirmed bridesmaids!   I knew I would be seeing all of the ladies I wanted to ask to be a part of my special day,  so in preparation I took to the internet to find a crafty and cute way to ask.  

My findings? What better way to ask than with a bottle of wine?  So I did just that:) I went on and created custom wine labels that read " Got my Guy, Need my Girls, Will you be my Bridesmaid?"

The labels came out just the way I wanted them.  I have 5 bridesmaids and to make and order the labels it only cost $11 total.  I even made a special label for my Maid of Honor :) After I got the labels in the mail I bought 5 bottles of wine that had plain labels on them so I could stick my custom labels right on top without any mess.  

To add a little bit of surprise I wrapped the wine bottles up so they wouldn't see until they opened them.  I had so much fun with this project and my bridesmaids all loved the idea.   If you're newly engaged and looking for a way to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding here's your answer. Even if wedding bells aren't in your future, creating your own wine labels is a great idea for party favors or Birthdays. 

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