DIY Painting

What was once an enormous painting of gold and red flowers is now the painting pictured above. I wanted to share this idea with you because it's one that saved me a lot of money! When Eric and I moved into our new place we were looking for affordable ways to decorate.  We had an old painting that I was going to toss but decided to save and use the frame for something else.  Because the size of the picture was so oversized, I had a hard time finding art to fit the frame. Then it dawned on me to just keep the current picture in the frame but paint something new over it.  And that's exactly what I did:) 

All I had to do was paint a few layers of white paint over the existing painting so that I had a blank canvas to do what I wanted.  I looked up painting ideas on pinterest and stumbled upon one that looks similar to the one I did above. I did my best to copy it and I think it turned out pretty good! Next time you need a room refresher consider this idea. Even if you don't think of yourself as an artist painting shouldn't scare you away. The painting I did is literally a bunch of lines-ANYONE and I really mean anyone can do this.  All it requires is a little patience and some acrylic paint.

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