Painted Coffee Table

Here I go again, painting old items to make them "new" (and fabulous).
One of my favorite DIY projects in our condo is the coffee table that I painted.  Eric and I had an old brown wood coffee table that we were going to toss but last minute I decided to see if I could paint it to our liking.  Luckily, I was able to to paint it to our loving! All I did here was paint the legs and base black and then made black and white stripes for the top.  To make the stripes even I used thick painting tape (my favorite). For anyone who has old furniture laying around that they want to toss, hold that thought and try painting it first. As always, I used acrylic paint so it dried quickly and didn't cost much.  One piece of advice I have is to make sure the paint is totally dry before you put the painters tape on, otherwise when you rip the tape off you might get some paint with it too!

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