Bobbi Brown Face Base

Ok first things first, this Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base is amaze.  Like actually makes me happy just thinking about it. This product is on the tippy top of my list right now and I know you'll love it too.
  A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for a new face primer because the one I typically use doubled in price (yikes! not cool). I ended up at the Bobbi Brown counter, naturally, and left not only my new favorite primer but my new favorite face lotion all in one. That's right, this gem is both primer and vitamin enriched face lotion all in one.

Here's how Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base is going to change your life, or at least your morning skincare regiment.

First, in case you missed it, this is a Primer + Lotion which means no more buying or applying both.  One quick application nourishes and smooths your skin, getting it makeup ready.   Second, it's oil free and super hydrating. The combination of Shea butter, Vitamins A/E/C make a killer combo for your skin. Lastly, the smell is beautiful. A blend of light citrus mixed with beachy paradise. Just opening the lid makes me feel spa ready. yummm

If I haven't intrigued you yet I'm sorry because now you're the one missing out. Forget about spending extra $$ on primer and try Bobbi Brown's face base. You can buy the face base here

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